Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Of My Fav Sexy Pic's

Hi girls :) here are some pic's I have found that i think are really hot . . . enjoy :P

This is like my fav pic of all time . . just so asome I would love to be her right now :)

I love it looking up into his eyes with his cock head in your mouth . . . and don't his cock look so meaty :) . . . and I love the way that vain stands out on his dick just yum

I really like the look this girl has . . she is taking control of that cock ^_^

It looks like she is thinking "OMG! I have to suck this monster . . . well mite be fun come here big boy"

Wouldn't you love to be her . . big cock siting on your face . . your getting ready to suck his dick till he cums in your mouth yummy ;)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miss Bimbo Game

Hello girls just wanted to post about this asome game I have been playing its called MissBimbo . . . Its a game where you start out as your little bimbo girl and have to work your way thu life get a job and all kinds of stuff you girls really need to check it out :)

Here is a link to the site MissBimbo and here is one to my profile christina420

Have fun girls :) xx

Monday, August 2, 2010

big black cock

Hi girls sorry I haven't up dated in a min . . . I have been watching a lot of big black cock flash files and is really starting to love black cock . . so I made this hope you like it girls :)

003: BBC Slut(42.93mb)